Embracing Change: A Journey of Healing Through the Lens of Stage IV Cancer

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In the face of adversity, we often find the profound capacity of the human spirit to heal. This sentiment is particularly exemplified in the journey of those facing stage IV cancer. Through personal experience, I have come to realize that the turmoil on the inside often serves as a mirror reflecting the areas in our lives that are in need of healing. It is a poignant reminder that challenges, be they disease or other life tribulations, present us with opportunities for growth, transformation, and healing from within. My journey towards health was the inspiration for The Zero Negative Foundation, a nonprofit organization born out of the profound lessons learned through healing and overcoming major life challenges.

Stage IV cancer, with its formidable challenges, guided me inward. The turmoil (triple-negative breast cancer) became a powerful indicator of the underlying traumas and unresolved issues that needed attention. Just as physical pain signals a problem in the body, emotional and spiritual distress often signifies areas in our lives that require healing. What I learned, by staying non-reactive, still, present, and aware, I was able to allow the answers to come to me, paving the way of self-discovery and recovery. I uncovered a lack of self-love, and by understanding the core reasons why, I was able to move through cancer with gratitude, love, and trust that everything I was going through had a purpose and reason to exist.

Every obstacle we encounter, whether it worldy or personal illness, holds the potential for healing. If you stand by the notion that we are all ONE and connected, then what is happening across the world is also connected to what is happening inside of me. What if cancer is also related to war and all the darkness we face in the world? What if war is just another term for “cancer”? What if we reacted to war with compassion and love rather than more fighting and killing? Deep down, we are fighting ourselves, whether thousands of miles away, or within our own bodies. Our personal challenges come up for our own healing, and coincide with universal healing. If we all work on our own healing, we are also contributing to helping the world.

Change can be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes in the form of illness or adversity. However, when we approach change with love and the understanding that everything has a right to exist, a shift in perspective occurs. Instead of fearing change, we can welcome it as a tool or guide towards healing. Embracing change with an open heart allows us to navigate the intricate landscapes of our inner selves, paving the way for profound growth and shift in consciousness. And you don’t have to do it alone!

Love, both for oneself and for the journey, becomes a potent force in the healing process. By cultivating self-compassion and understanding, we create a nurturing environment for healing to take root. This love extends beyond ourselves to encompass the challenges we face. When we recognize that everything, even our hardships, has a right to exist, fear dissipates, making room for acceptance and transformation.

The journey through stage IV cancer continues to teach me lessons in love and compassion, gratitude and trust. Challenges are now seen as opportunities, and appreciation for everything, even stress, allows me to move through life with ease and grace. My wish is to keep sharing what I have learned and what I know works for me, understanding that there is so much more to uncover. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I hope to provide support and a positive community through The Zero Negative Foundation, helping patients, survivors, and everyone looking to turn their negative into a positive.

For more information about The Zero Negative Foundation, visit www.LoveZeroNegative.com, and check out the book I wrote with my husband, EveryoneNeedsaLarry, on Amazon. It’s a he-said-she-said story about how we survived love, marriage, and stage IV cancer, and it’s written by the patient and caregiver. We help couples turn their negative cancer journeys into positive, healing experiences!

To a healthy and happy world,

Jenn Greenhut


Jennifer Greenhut Tollin turned her stage IV breast cancer diagnosis into an inspiring, uplifting story. The lessons she learned led her to create Zero Negative (www.LoveZeroNegative.com), which promotes love and positivity through accessories. A portion of the company’s profits is donated to UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation to support cancer research. Jennifer’s story and products have been featured on Extra Tonight, Good Morning LaLa Land, the Hallmark Channel, Ventura Blvd Magazine, and in various podcasts. In addition, she was honored by UCLA Health and the Lakers in their Laker For A Day program, sharing her story at a Lakers Game. She was a US National Gymnastics Team member and an actress, singer, songwriter, and yoga teacher.

In addition, she also wrote a book with her husband, Larry Tollin, called Everyone Needs a Larry. Told from both the patient and caregiver perspectives, Everyone Needs a Larry is a he-said-she-said quirky and humorous survival story that shares the mistakes, lessons, challenges, and joys of a couple fumbling their way through love, marriage, and cancer. Whether you face the challenge of cancer or another adversity, Jenn and Larry demonstrate how our scariest times have the possibility to become our greatest chapters. Life is about sharing stories, healing ourselves, and helping others, and now on the other side of cancer, Jenn believes you will always win at life once you LOVE who you are and the challenges that come with being you.

Jenn lives in Southern California with her husband, Larry, and their dog, Bo.Visit www.EveryoneNeedsaLarry.com and www.LoveZeroNegative.com to learn more.

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