How Your Apparel Influences Your Attitude

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Are You What You Wearing?


When you’re feeling down, a positive saying can turn your frown upside down. The power of positive self-talk can make a hard day manageable, and an okay day even better. So if you need a little motivation, check out these short quotes that will bring you hope and inspiration.

The most popular positivity quote is “the glass is half full.” But what if your glass is empty? What if you’re facing a challenge that feels too big to overcome? What if you don’t have the resources to face your challenge? It’s at these times that the glass-half-empty metaphor isn’t very helpful.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the good things in your life, and learn to reframe your challenges. When you’re stressed, remember that stress reduces your ability to problem solve, so try to find ways to decompress. Watch a funny movie, call up a friend, or meditate to reduce your heart rate and feel better.

Another way to increase your positive emotions is to make a list of the good things that happen to you each day. Research shows that doing this increases your positive feelings. In fact, one study found that people who wrote down 3 to 5 positive experiences each day had higher levels of well-being than those who didn’t keep a list.

You can also make positive affirmations a regular part of your life by repeating them or writing them on notecards that you leave in places where you will see them. These positive affirmations should be brief, in the present tense, and state something that you want. Try “I am strong and I can do this,” or “today is going to be a great day.”

Positive thinking doesn’t just help you feel good, it helps you act better. So instead of berating yourself for a bad performance at work, focus on what you do right and how you can improve next time. And when you’re faced with a setback, remind yourself that you can be resilient, and that setbacks are often temporary.


Does Positive Vibe Clothing Improve Your Outlook?

Do you know those people who just seem to exude positivity? The ones who make everyone around them feel at ease, even though they may be having a rough day. Whether they’re dealing with a financial setback or an unexpected family issue, they remain in good spirits and spread that positive energy to those around them.

It’s no secret that a sunnier outlook on life has many mental wellness benefits, from better sleep to lower symptoms of depression and anxiety. Maintaining a more optimistic mindset requires sustained effort as well as little mood pick-me-ups. One of those mood-boosting efforts can be found in your choice of clothing, as studies show that the symbolic meaning of your clothing as well as the physical feeling you get from wearing it affects your mood and mindset. Adding positive vibe apparel and accessories will also add strength to that feeling of positivity you are looking for. There is a great selection of high vibe gear and apparel found in the Lighthouse Loft Swag Shop .

For those who are looking to radiate positive vibes, a few easy ways to channel that energy include prioritizing your mental health, getting enough sleep, and eating a balanced diet. You can also improve your mood by spending more time with happy, cheerful friends and avoiding negative co-workers.

Lastly, you can even start your day by practicing mindfulness and focusing on the things that you’re grateful for. Keeping those good vibes going all day long can help you stay happier at work, at home, and in your relationships. 

Taking simple steps toward your wellbeing and goals not only help you, but also everyone around you!

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