The Power of the Present Moment

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Being fully present is one of the greatest challenges in living by the metaphysical philosophy of the power of positive living. One metaphysical teacher, Dr. Ernest Holmes, said awareness is critical to demonstrating our desires, because we can’t demonstrate beyond our individual awareness. When we’re aware of our unity and connection to the goodness in infinite intelligence, we have a consciousness of peace, power, and wholeness. The truth is, we live on the razor’s edge of life. The past is the past and the future has not yet happened. We live on that thin, razor-sharp edge called the present moment.


Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a retired corporate manager who has been teaching the philosophy of positive living for over thirty years. It’s about regaining inner peace and happiness by using the creative process of how our mind works. In her prison ministry, she not only helps prisoners adjust to life behind bars, but when they spend 23 hours a day for weeks or months in “the hole,” a 7’x9’ room. So, join her and learn about this philosophy of positive living and how it can enhance and enrich your life. Her website is

Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a regular contributor on the Priceof digital platforms. Enjoy her articles and commentaries!


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