Wake Up Happy Like the Birds!

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Welcome to the latest episode of Unlocking Your Greatness with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of heartsofwellness.com, it is my mission to empower women feeling lost in the medical system who want a holistic approach to their life. To feel HOPE: harmony, options, peace and empowerment to help others along the way.


Next time you’re awake at 4AM, odds are good that a bunch of crazy birds are whooping it up with trills, melodies and crescendos. You’re witnessing a phenomenon called the dawn chorus, which is when many species of bird begin singing louder and more proudly than at other times of day. 

The sound of birds singing at dawn — or just after waking up — can be a real treat. I love having my windows open in the morning, the feathery chorus can be heard for miles!  The birds seem to know that the dew and fog hanging in the air will help their songs travel further than they would on a dry day. We have to assume that this is one reason why they prioritize their songs at these early hours.

A couple of years ago, scientists discovered that birds sing more vigorously during the pre-dawn hours. They previously assumed this was because it’s typically the coolest time of the day and that the low, resonant notes they produce will travel farther than they would in the hotter, more turbulent air later in the day.

But researchers have now found a different explanation for the dawn chorus. They discovered that the dew and fog that lingers in the air allows the pitches of bird songs to resonate at a frequency that encourages plant growth and stimulates the stomata of plants — the mouth-like openings on the bottom of leaves that allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide — to open wider. This means more oxygen can be expelled and more water and nutrients absorbed.

Taking some lessons from our bird friends should be an inspiration to start your day on a happy note. However, most people are already stressed before their feet hit the floor. How you start your day can have a huge impact on your mood and the rest of your life. Happiness isn’t something you can just switch on and off, it’s a mindset that can be nurtured and cultivated every day.

There’s nothing worse than waking up tired and grumpy, so getting enough sleep at night is one of the most important factors for a happy and healthy day. Ideally, you want to wake up naturally after getting at least 8 hours of sleep.

Keeping a simple and manageable morning routine is a key factor in starting your day off happy. Avoid things like rushing through your morning or multitasking, as this can cause stress and anxiety. Instead, take time to enjoy your cup of coffee or bowl of oatmeal and read a book, if you can.

It’s also a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you’re grateful for. This will help to block out negative self-talk and keep your mind on the positive aspects of your life.

Finally, don’t forget to get some movement in, even if it’s just a walk around the block or a few stretches. Adding movement to your day can help boost energy, boost your mood, improve your health, and more. Plus you can say hello to the feathery chorus happening outside!

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