Does Skepticism Have a Hold on You?

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Switching From Skepticism to an Open Mind


Do you need to see something to believe it? How often do you question new ideas? Do you pride yourself on doubting  information?

Even though skepticism is a critical thinking skill that can help you be more curious, it can also lead to negativity.

As a recovering former skeptic consistently in overdrive, I found if we go too far with it we begin to lose our open mind.

The concept of skepticism dates back to ancient Greece. Philosophers such as Pyrrho and Sextus Empiricus based their philosophy on the belief that true knowledge is difficult to come by. Throughout the years, skepticism has been used by countless thinkers to question claims and beliefs. Skepticism is sometimes equated with cynicism, but the two are not the same thing, yet often blurred. 

Cynics are disbelievers, whereas skeptics use reason and critical thinking to determine what is true.

Being willing to listen to new information with an open mind can help flip skepticism around. We also have the ability to make a decision based on the evidence we have. This helps change our mind if there is sufficient evidence that supports a different view point.

It’s important to note that being a skeptic does not mean that you are closed minded or biased. You just have to be able to distinguish between good and bad evidence.

Being a skeptic allows you to filter out the craziness that can be found in the world, allowing only the most credible ideas into your mind. Skepticism can prevent you from being gullible and reduce the power that other people’s beliefs have over your actions and identity.

You may be tempted to switch from skepticism to an open mind because you feel like you’re getting bogged down by all the questions and doubts. However, if you’re constantly doubting everything that comes your way, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. For example, if you want to try acupuncture but have always been skeptical, you could lose out on a treatment that could help relieve your pain.

In addition, if you’re always skeptical of other people’s views, you might miss out on an opportunity to get to know them better. Being open to other people’s perspectives can help you learn more about them and may even lead to a deeper relationship.

Having an open mind does not necessarily mean that you will believe in anything that is put in front of you. But, it does mean that you may be willing to consider the facts about a claim and determine if it is valid or not. It’s time to trust in yourself and believe in yourself.

This type of attitude will allow you to grow as a person and help you advance in your career and personal life. Lastly, having an open mind will allow you to stay informed about the latest research and developments in your field of work and interest. This will ensure that you’re on the cutting edge. By following these simple tips, you can easily switch from skepticism to an active open mind, it just takes some practice. So, give it a shot! You might be surprised at the results.

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