Russian Agents May Have Hacked Former British PM Liz Truss’s Phone Report

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The recent revelation that Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss’s phone report has led to questions about the effectiveness of the UK’s security apparatus. The reports are worrying because they suggest that Russian agents may have been able to obtain personal information without the consent of the government. In this instance, Russian agents may have accessed a year’s worth of messages from former British PM Liz Truss’s personal cell phone. Some of the messages may be critical of Johnson, while others may be critical of her relationship with a Russian foreign minister.

The report claims that Liz Truss’s phone may have been hacked by Russian agents while she was foreign secretary. It appears that Russian agents gained access to her private messages, including those about the Ukraine war. This is alarming since the government has said that it has taken all possible measures to protect against cyber-threats, but has not commented on the security arrangements of individual politicians.

The hacking was discovered during the Tory leadership election. The phone contains top-secret information, including details of negotiations with allies. It also contains private messages between Truss and her close friend Kwasi Kwarteng. The phone is now being stored in a secure location by the government.


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