January 6th Committee Issues Subpoena Against Trump

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The January sixth committee is set to issue a report before the end of the year, and is interested in getting Trump’s testimony before it publishes the final report. The subpoena, however, is likely to be challenged by the president, who has reportedly indicated he does not intend to comply with it. In addition, legal experts have suggested that the subpoena is largely symbolic.

The letter also seeks records of communications between Trump and other people associated with the presidential campaign, including members of Congress, advisers, and attorneys. It also seeks documents relating to alternate slates of electors that would have supported Trump in the presidential election. The letter also accuses Trump of “maliciously disseminating false information” and of trying to corrupt the Department of Justice.

Earlier this week, the House Intelligence Committee approved a subpoena against the president. The committee, composed of seven Democrats and two Republicans, voted unanimously to issue the subpoena against Trump. The subpoena was approved during a public hearing on October 13 but was not issued until now. This is because Trump did not have an attorney authorized to receive the subpoena.

Upon receiving the subpoena, the president’s legal team is weighing whether to comply with it, evade it, or file a lawsuit. If the president chooses to ignore the subpoena, it would put the committee in a difficult position. If he refuses, the investigators would have to resort to judicial enforcement, which would take months. In addition, the subpoena is not likely to be effective until the end of the current Congress in January 2023.

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