Why Are Solo Lunches Good for Us?

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Welcome to the latest episode of Unlocking Your Greatness with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of heartsofwellness.com, it is my mission to empower women feeling lost in the medical system who want a holistic approach to their life. To feel HOPE: harmony, options, peace and empowerment to help others along the way.


When was the last time you took yourself to lunch?


No, I don’t mean going to the drive through and eating lunch in your car.  This is an intentional lunch date with yourself, by yourself, to focus on You.


Why Is Solitude Good For Us?


We often hear experts extolling the virtues of social connectivity, yet solitude is also beneficial for our well-being. Solitude provides us with freedom, inspiration and renewal. It allows us to learn about ourselves through solitary activities, which can help increase self-confidence and self-esteem. It can even help us develop healthier relationships.

Solitude can be productive, but only if certain conditions are met. For example, solitude can be beneficial if it is voluntary, and if we can regulate our emotions effectively. It is also important we have a social group when we wish to interact and maintain positive relationships outside of solitude. If these conditions are not met, isolation can actually be harmful. For instance, the “hikikomori” phenomenon in Japan is a sad example of loneliness as a pathology.

In addition, solitude can be useful if we can focus on one task at a time and eliminate distractions. It can be helpful if we are able to use this time to reflect on our lives and identify goals for the future. It can also be used as an opportunity to practice mindfulness, which is a process of actively paying attention to the present moment. For this reason, it is important to set aside specific time for solitude and avoid wasting that time by looking at your phone, working or texting.

Although it may be uncomfortable at first, it’s important to make solitude a regular part of your routine and to differentiate between solitude and loneliness. It’s also important to remember that solitude isn’t just a day at home in front of the television, but can be spent doing something active like taking a hike or going for a bike ride. It can even be a day spent on your hobbies like painting or knitting. It’s also important to recognize that solitude doesn’t necessarily mean you are lonely; being alone can be a healthy and fulfilling experience for both introverts and extroverts.

Embracing solitude can be challenging, especially in a world that seems to devalue it. To get started, try setting aside 10 minutes a day for yourself by turning off your phone, if possible. If you’re still feeling uncomfortable, slowly add more time until it becomes a regular part of your daily routine. It may not feel great at first, but with time it will become a necessary and valuable part of your life.

Two questions to ask yourself, and even journal on in order to move forward are:

  1. Am I truly happy with myself?
  2. Am I relying on other people to make me happy & keep me happy?


Moving forward, being comfortable with yourself is a first step towards creating your happiness. Remember: forgiving ourselves and focusing on ways to keep ourselves happy are keys to our best life!

Read more about how better self talk creates better self-worth:  dailymailusa.com/there’s-only-one-of-you-be-nice/ .

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