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CEO of Isn’t She Amazing, LLC | Expert in Personal Development and Life Transformation |TEDx Speaker.

Marianne coaches women leaders to kick it up a notch, think bigger, increase their impact and their income.

For 35 years she has been helping clients live more productive and abundant lives. As an award winning businessperson and psychotherapist, best selling author and speaker, Marianne has built multiple businesses, learning to adapt and adjust as circumstances changed over time. She is a MindValley Certified Hypnotherapist, trained by Paul McKenna. In 2016, she founded the Be the Change Foundation, a non-profit organization that trains and equips women to be entrepreneurs so they, like her, can live their dreams.

Marianne’s books help free readers from destructive thought patterns while learning tools to change them. They include:

Peaceful Parenting: 10 Essential Principles (2013)-

UnLeashed: Practical Steps to Get Your Life Unstuck, (2017)-

Zentivity: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress and Discontent in Your Workplace (2018)-


Connect with Marianne Clyde:


Marianne Clyde is represented by the Price of Business Speakers’ Bureau. Contact Marianne Clyde about the availability as a guest for media interviews and speaking engagements by emailing 



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