Three Busloads of Migrants Dropped Off at Vice President DC Home on Christmas Eve

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Three busloads of undocumented migrants dropped off outside of the vice president of the United States’ DC home on Christmas Eve. The migrants, who were traveling from Texas, were apparently the lucky recipients of warm clothing and blankets.

A nonprofit group called Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network received a phone call from a Texas NGO on Saturday about the arrival of the migrants. The group then arranged for the migrants to get transportation to a church.

In addition to providing the migrants with warmth, the organization also provided them with food and clothes. It appears that the organization has been receiving migrants since April.

Amy Fischer, the organization’s core organizer, said that while the city of D.C. is welcoming on a regular basis, the arrival of the migrants is the “one-off.”

According to a law enforcement source, the incident was a political stunt. One of the buses was picked up by a local relief agency, SAMU First Response, and delivered to a nearby church.

Another busload was driven from the Naval Observatory where the Vice President’s home is located to the home of her husband, US Senator Tim Kaine, for a brief stay. While the majority of the migrants arrived in Washington, some others were transported to other destinations, including Martha’s Vineyard.

There has been a wave of migrants sweeping the country this year. These migrants are reported to have arrived from Central America. However, some of the newcomers claimed to have been from Nicaragua. Whether or not they will be able to remain in the area is unclear.

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