Nikki Haley Wants to Be President of the United States

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Nikki Haley has made history, becoming the first Indian-American and the first woman to run for President of the United States. But the South Carolina governor’s decision to join the race could present a challenge for her.

In her announcement video, she highlighted her background as a daughter of South Carolina and her tenure as the state’s governor before becoming the Trump administration’s ambassador to the U.N. She called for generational change and a new generation of leadership.

She also blasted President Joe Biden for failing to do more to stop Russia from invading Ukraine and North Korea from developing nuclear weapons, and she said a lack of diversity in the government was a national security risk.

During her time as a governor, Haley fought to remove the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds and pushed for legislation to prohibit discrimination against transgender people in South Carolina.

Her Facebook posts often feature her family, with one 2012 post titled “What not to do if you’re locked out of your governor’s mansion in your robe while sending your children off to school” garnering international attention.

She has a strong following on social media, and her husband Michael, a captain in the Army National Guard, is a combat veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan.

Her campaign is the first major Republican challenge to President Donald Trump, who has already launched a third White House bid and remains popular with wide swaths of GOP voters. But she will face a steep uphill climb against the 76-year-old President, who is seen as more hawkish on foreign policy and economic issues.

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