Does Our Ego Really Care About Us?

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Healing Your Ego:  Three Ways to Heal Your Ego


Whether or not you’re a spiritual person, chances are you’ve heard about the concept of the ego. In short, it’s the sense of personal identity and feelings of self-importance that every human has. While the ego has its place, it is also important to recognize when the ego becomes a negative influence in your life. You can heal your ego by recognizing what it’s telling you, and putting it in its place.

One of the ways that your ego shows up is in complaining. It may be about the people in your life, the situation you find yourself in, or even yourself! For example, if you find yourself judging the way that someone else is behaving or looking down on them because they don’t have what you have, this is your ego speaking. You might also find yourself complaining about other people’s flaws, or the fact that you have to wait for something.

Another thing that your ego does is to create stories. It’s a master storyteller, and it has thousands upon thousands of emotional experiences stored up that you can’t necessarily consciously remember. These stories are designed to keep you from being present, and they can be quite destructive if allowed to be. They can also stop you from accepting things as they are, which is a necessary part of healing your ego.

A big part of the ego is that it wants to be in control. It will do anything to maintain its power, so it will try and manipulate you in order to get what it wants. One way that it does this is by manipulating your emotions, which can be very dangerous. This is why it’s so important to not spiritually bypass your emotions, and instead work to move through them in a healthy and safe manner.

You can do this by practicing mindfulness and getting to know your own patterns. A great practice is meditation, which can help you to become more aware of your ego when it’s acting out. By meditating  and getting outside in nature regularly, you can begin to see when your ego is in control and deflate it when needed.

The final thing that you can do to heal your ego is to take time to love it. You may be surprised to hear that your ego needs love, but it does! It’s worked so hard to protect you from the world and keeps you safe with some very limited resources (fear and shame). It deserves your care, because without it you would not exist!

When you can truly love your ego, it no longer has a hold on you. It’s not about banishing it from your life, it’s about letting go of the control that it has over you and moving into an open heart, which is a much more enlightened place to be. Once you have done this, you can finally let go of your ego, and be free! 


Moving forward, being comfortable with yourself is a first step towards creating your happiness. Remember: forgiving ourselves and focusing on ways to keep ourselves happy are keys to our best life!

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