Why Are Fake Fragrances Ruining Our Health?

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How Fake or Synthetic Fragrance Ruins Our Well-Being.


When you smell a perfume or body spray, cologne, soap or detergent, you’re smelling chemicals that have been linked to hormone disruption, cancer and allergic reactions. The reason is that synthetic fragrance uses a plethora of toxic chemicals which are often derived from petroleum. These chemicals may be found in gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, heating oil, jet fuel, waxes, lubricating oils and petrochemical feedstocks. Sadly, it’s estimated that 95% of chemicals masked under the term “fragrance” on products are actually synthetic petroleum-based compounds.

Fragrances are incredibly complex chemicals that can be created to mimic the scent of anything from flowers, trees and animals to food and even diseases. They’re usually mixed with solvents and other chemical additives, many of which have been linked to serious health issues. A single fragrance can contain dozens and sometimes hundreds of different chemicals. And the worst part is that companies do not have to disclose these ingredients because they’re considered trade secrets. In addition, they’re often not tested for safety.

The good news is that there are natural alternatives to synthetic fragrance. Unlike synthetic scents, natural fragrances don’t give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which negatively impact our well-being and the environment. However, these high-quality natural fragrances don’t come cheap as they require a lot of time, skill and knowledge to create. Ingredients such as iris, neroli and vetiver cost thousands of dollars per kilogram to grow and produce. They also require a high level of expertise to extract. But molecules created to replicate these beautiful, natural ingredients can be sourced for a fraction of the price and made quickly in a lab.

Some studies suggest that a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances can be safer than solely synthetic scents. This is because synthetic fragrances release VOCs which can irritate the skin, nose and throat. These chemicals have also been linked to hormone disruption, liver and kidney problems and some types of cancer. Long-term exposure to VOCs can cause nausea and dizziness.

Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid the majority of these chemicals by simply reading the ingredients on the label and looking out for words such as “fragrance,” “parfum,” or “fragrance oil.” In addition, purchasing certified organic products will be less likely to contain these scents.

Another way to cut down on your exposure to toxic scents is by using more natural air fresheners and by bringing in more plants to your home and office. It’s also a good idea to invest in a diffuser and try to keep your space as scent-free as possible. And if you need to use something in an emergency, ask for a scent-free option. Let’s make the health and well-being of ourselves, our families, friends and pets a priority by making an effort to ditch synthetic fragrance and embrace all that nature has to offer. The best scents are all around us in the outdoors and bottled in essential oils. The real thing is truly worth the switch!

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