Does the Boy Scout Eagle Rank Still Matter?

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Are Boy Scouts Still Relevant?  As a mom to two Eagles Scouts, I believe the Scouting program, when run properly, is very relevant and very much needed.  It’s not only learning how to survive the outdoors in all weather conditions, it’s more about learning to be a better human. It’s learning about respect, staying on task and interviewing basics. All skills very valuable in life and so much more.

The rank of Eagle Scout is a major achievement, but it is not the end of scouting. It is just the last step on a long journey that starts with joining a troop and earning your first merit badge.

Earning merit badges teaches many skills, including lifesaving techniques, emergency preparedness and safety skills, communication, and cooking. Kids also learn to be a leader in their troop and participate in community service projects with other members of their troop. After earning all 13 required merit badges, they must prepare and take part in a board of review with their Scoutmaster, which is an opportunity to discuss all they have accomplished and are living the Scout Oath.

It takes time and diligence to move up the ranks in Scouting, and teens are often competing with other activities that they might find more fun or rewarding. It takes a strong mindset to stay on the path and be one of the 5% of kids that join Scouting reach Eagle rank.

It is important to make sure your son has enough structure and activities in his life to stay interested. I have found that boys who are actively encouraged by their parents to participate in Scouting stick with it longer than those who are not. This might include taking them to ice cream after meetings or even to camp out at least once a week. If your son has other interests, you can encourage him to fill his spare time with things that are good for him – but also limit the amount of free time he is allowed to spend playing video games or watching TV.

By the time teens are ready to become Eagle Scouts, they are usually seniors in high school. This is the point at which they start applying for colleges and planning their careers. Many college admissions officers look favorably on students who earned the rank of Eagle Scout and recognize that they have positive character traits and are committed to serving their communities.

This is also the time the fumes become a distraction.  Car fumes and perfumes.

In addition, the leadership skills that Scouts develop throughout the rank system are valuable in any career. This is especially true for those with highly technical jobs, like engineering and science, where it is important to have a team of people working together to get the job done.

While some Scouts stop at the rank of Eagle after completing their community service project, most decide to continue on in the troop or even as an adult volunteer. They might choose to serve as assistant leaders, helping Cub Scouts or other youth reach the Eagle rank; they may join a crew in their church or place of worship; or they might work on a project that applies their skills to their industry or community.

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle. Be Prepared. For Life. ™

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