How Will $20 Million Dollars Create Wellness?

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Welcome to the latest episode of Unlocking Your Greatness with Wendy Bjork. As an Amazon international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, her mission is to empower women to take charge of their health holistically so they can live a life of peace & harmony.


According to the National MS Society’s Website,  they have received $20 million in funding for the MS Research Program (MSRP) at the Department of Defense, equal to the FY2023 level. As the only dedicated federal research funding stream for MS, MSRP funding has supported innovative and impactful research since its inception in 2009. To date, MSRP funds have resulted in:

  • An FDA breakthrough device designation for an MS blood biomarker test;
  • 11 clinical trials;
  • 253 peer-reviewed journal publications with a total citation of 11,794;
  • $45.6 million in follow-up funding for 63 new grants; and
  • 4 issued patents and 3 patent applications.

As an expert navigator of MS since 1985 you would think I’d be cheering for the newest research funding. While I am happy there is additional attention being brought to this incurable condition that wreaks havoc on millions of people worldwide, there really isn’t a clear path on what will actually happen with the $20 million.

When you see friends and family participate in a walk or bike ride for multiple sclerosis, you know they’re raising money to help find a cure for this unpredictable disease. But, do you ever wonder what happens with the money they raise? That money does help fund cutting-edge MS research, it powers advocacy, and connects people with the information and resources they need to live their best lives. It also fuels the work to build a world free of MS.

I agree, it is time for a cure. However, while we are wishing, hoping and waiting for the magic idea to be revealed, how about taking charge of our lives? I believe it’s also up to us to figure out what helps us and what causes more problems for us. 

It doesn’t help there is a massive medical system to navigate, leaving us left behind in many areas of care.  Simple ideas as in finding ways to manage sleep, mindfulness, creating our own versions of calmness, spiritual practices, good eating habits and managing stress sound basic, but they each add to our overall health.

This year the Society committed over $35 million to advance their goal of accelerating breakthroughs. This included investing over $24.4 million in 64 new MS research projects and training fellowships in support of Research Priorities.

These projects will explore a variety of potential therapeutic approaches to reduce symptoms and slow progression, including the use of biologics and other innovative drugs. Additionally, they will study the role of genetics and genomics to identify biomarkers that can help predict the best drug for each individual.

The Society is also working to increase the availability of affordable therapies, particularly oral medications. The cost of available therapies has been a major barrier to accessibility, costing hundreds of dollars per day

MS impacts everyone – it is a debilitating, unpredictable disease that causes a wide range of symptoms, from disabling fatigue to mobility challenges to cognitive changes.

As with any chronic condition, there never has been or will be a quick fix. It is your decision to find new ways of being. And if you are a caregiver, be encouraging, helpful while also giving yourself grace.

Read my article on the history of MS here,, it’s been around since the Middle Ages. Let’s start creating our own path to healing now!

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