Is It Time To Let Go of Misery?

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How to Feel Great When You Actually Feel Miserable


Have you ever asked someone how they are and they give you an answer that leaves you wishing you hadn’t asked? Or wishing you could help them feel better, but you have no idea how? How are you really feeling today?


We are a nation of unwell people and sadly, that number continues to climb. The latest government figures offer proof that many people are leading unhealthy lifestyles which is leading to higher numbers of chronic conditions. 


The majority of US adults are overweight, almost one in five smokes daily and the same amount consume about 5 alcoholic drinks in a day at least once a year.  Others consume at least one drink daily. This isn’t even touching on the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. 


How do we get back on track? It’s easy to say focusing on habits and health. But it’s not strictly about physical health. Our mental, emotional and spiritual health are all contributors to our wellbeing. It starts with our thoughts. Why are we turning to vices? Is it due to stress? Why has it become the norm to feel less than our best?


There are some steps that can be taken when you’re beginning to feel your not best self.


The quickest way to feel great when you feel miserable is to take a break. Take a few minutes and evaluate what is going on and determine how you would like to feel. This means re-establishing the routines that make you feel good, such as exercise, sleep and healthy eating. It may also mean talking to a friend or family member about how you’re feeling or seeking support from a professional such as a psychologist.

Sometimes it’s easy to identify what’s causing your misery, for example you might be upset with your ex, or you might have bombed your big work presentation or had a huge fight with your partner. But other times you can’t quite pinpoint the reason you’re unhappy, and this is when it’s helpful to write down your thoughts in a journal. Not only will this help you uncover what’s really bothering you, but the act of writing can actually lift your mood.

You can also try to find things that make you feel happy, and these could be as simple as a walk in the park, listening to an upbeat song or sipping on a cup of hot tea. You can also take a break from the things that make you feel bad, like staring at your phone constantly or watching TV for hours on end. This will stop you from connecting with other people and can affect your sleep patterns too.

Being unhappy often results from being unable to appreciate the things that are going well in your life, which can be a sign that you’re ungrateful. Make sure you’re acknowledging the good things that are happening, and you can do this by writing down your blessings, talking about them to others or even by volunteering.


It’s also worth thinking about what you can be grateful for, and this can be as simple as the fact that your body is working normally or that your family and friends love you. You can do this by writing down your blessings, saying them out loud or even singing them.


If you’re really struggling to feel better, you might want to get a checkup from your doctor to ensure that you don’t have a medical problem that is causing your sadness. Several types of vitamin deficiencies can make you feel depressed and low, so it’s best to get this checked out before trying to cheer yourself up.

Misery is a natural human emotion, and it’s important to allow yourself to experience it. But then it’s important to get out of that feeling and head towards happiness.  Being in a consistent state of being happy. Sustainable happiness is a balanced life in which you’re at peace with yourself and your situation, and where you’re satisfied with what you have.

It’s not always possible to feel euphoric every minute of the day, and there’s no point in striving for this as it can lead to burnout. Instead, aim for happiness as a state of being that you can sustain over time by addressing your problems, taking time to do the things you love and connecting with other people.

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