Is Happiness in Decline?

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Steven Mintz, aka The Ethics Sage, is an ethicist, accomplished researcher, and award-winning blogger on all issues related to wellness. He recently wrote a book on enhancing well-being, Beyond Happiness and Meaning, that explores the root causes of why Americans are less happy and seek greater meaning in life now, more than ever before, in part due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic (

Mary Gentile, the developer of the internationally acclaimed “Giving Voice to Values” thought process, comments about his book: “Steven Mintz’s [book] reads like an engaging and deeply informed conversation with someone who has spent a lifetime thinking and teaching about how values and happiness intertwine in our lives…His discussions offer useful lenses by linking these choices to our universal quest for happiness and purpose in our lives.”

Through his work, Dr. Mintz has developed a reputation for being an ethical person who dispenses advice through his articles and speeches. Following a 40-year career in academia, Dr. Mintz turned his attention to helping others achieve a greater sense of well-being.

In his recent article on wellness, Dr. Mintz opines that a loss of personal relationships and excessive use of the impersonal social media to make new friendships are factors in the decline of happiness and meaning in life.

He writes: “Americans are now less happy than they’ve ever been. Americans have never been in more despair. As a result, the well-being of Americans has suffered greatly during the pandemic” (

Mintz believes that while “most of us seek out greater meaning in life through our personal relationships, workplace experiences, and life-long decisions, we don’t know how to achieve it.” He concludes that this why it is so difficult to enhance our well-being.

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