Revolutionizing Clinical Data Solutions for the Global Life Science Industry

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Peter Smilansky.

On a recent Price of Business, host Kevin Price visited with Peter Smilansky, Senior VP, Product Strategy and Development, In this interview EDETEK provides an overview of the current clinical data management marketplace.

Managing the vast data required to effectively and efficiently implement and complete pharma and biotech clinical trials is expanding exponentially.

And, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for virtual clinical trials, and decentralized clinical trials, has only increased the need for flawless data management.

And this data management must integrate across many different platforms.

EDETEK is a global leader in the development and delivery of specialized clinical software and technology platforms, as well as services that support clinical, scientific and information management needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies that conduct clinical trials.

The company has grown from just a few people back in 2011 to nearly 500 clinical business and technology professionals distributed over four continents.

EDETEK’s software and services are tailored to help pharma companies manage various aspects of their clinical operations, such as starting and managing early and late stage clinical trials. EDETEK supports scientific research while handling the vast amounts of data and information they generate.  Our support helps determine safety and efficacy of drug candidates, and importantly, enables data and document preparation for FDA submission.


CONFORM — Accelerating Drug Development

Conform is provided to our customers across three main categories:

  1. CONFORM eClinical allows for effective collection of patient’s data and management of logistics at clinical sites.
  2. CONFORM Informatics aggregates data from the eClinical Platform which can be either ours or other vendors as well as other medical systems used by the hospitals. This includes integration and orchestration with 70+ popular clinical and medical systems
  3. CONFORM delivers real-time data ingestion, aggregation and data refresh for visualizations, data review listings, reports, and scientific alerts.



CONFORM supports the integration of data from virtually any clinical source in near real-time. EDETEK’s CONFORM platform and related services were adopted by multiple drug companies working on the COVID vaccines during the pandemic.

In one of these pivotal trials hundreds of millions of data points were pushed into the CONFORM™ cloud repository in near real-time empowering data managers and statisticians to rapidly evaluate the safety and efficacy of a life-saving vaccine.


EDETEK – Clearly Better

One major differentiator is that EDETEK provides end-to-end solutions between its eClinical and Informatics platforms. This simplifies configuration, usability and integration of the systems. It also saves money on technology licensing.

While EDETEK prefers its clients to license all the components of CONFORM, the reality of the business, especially with larger pharma companies, is that many use systems from multiple vendors. And in these cases, CONFORM’s comprehensive integration capabilities are clearly better.

Our systems integration and system orchestration capabilities have become important in the new wave of clinical trials called Decentralized clinical trials. These trials utilize home-based smart devices, wearables, and applications instead of going to the hospital.

Orchestration of these systems is vital for study conduct and CONFORM can perform this role effectively.  And unlike its competitors, CONFORM software works in near real time regardless of the number of concurrent trials or size of the trials.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – The Future of Clinical Data Management

AI and machine learning are beginning to transform parts of our business.

By harnessing the vast amounts of data generated during clinical trials, AI and ML offer the potential to expedite the drug discovery process, improve patient selection criteria, optimize trial design, and enhance overall trial efficiency.

EDETEK software today utilizes ML to expedite some of the data management and submission preparation tasks. We are working on and will be releasing next year an addition to our clinical data review system that will allow for ChatGPT style conversation between the scientists and CONFORM

During clinical trials, continuous monitoring of participants is essential to ensure safety and efficacy as well as patients’ adherence to the study protocol.  AI-powered systems can analyze real-time patient data feed, such as vital signs, lab results, and adverse events, to detect early signs of potential deviations, safety issues or treatment responses.


EDETEK – Partnering with the Best

EDETEK currently serves nearly 100 pharmaceutical companies, including 4 of the Top 5 companies in the US, and 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Pfizer, the largest pharma company in the world, has been one of our customers for more than 5 years. Pfizer and EDETEK are collaborating on hundreds of trials. We partner with Pfizer to speed access to clinical data and analytics to drive faster decision-making.


At EDETEK, It’s Personal

Everyone at EDETEK is personally invested to ensure that clinical trials are completed more efficiently and more effectively.  The accelerates the delivery of medicines that are needed for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases with high unmet medical need.

We all have family members and friends in need of new treatments, we see how new drugs save or prolong lives of millions. This is why we developed CONFORM.


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