Democrats Concerned About Midterms

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As the midterm elections near, Democrats are concerned about the prospects of their party. In recent polls, the GOP was favored to win a large House majority and retake the Senate. However, the Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate have improved. Among other factors, the economy is a major concern.

Despite this, Democrats are optimistic that voters will remember Biden’s accomplishments in the legislature and the extremist Republicans’ support for false claims. This is in contrast to the extreme Republicans who are winning nominations and promises to cancel votes in elections. While Democrats can’t do much to affect the results of this midterm, they have the advantage of having a longer window of time to influence the results.

However, Democrats should also be prepared for a hard fight. Republicans are facing challenges with unpopular senators. Senators from Pennsylvania and Georgia are considered to be divisive. FiveThirtyEight polls have shown that Democrats are slightly ahead of Republicans in the general election. The debate over abortion is also an issue. Many political strategists believe that Roe v. Wade will serve as a turning point for Democrats in the midterm elections.

Republicans and Democrats are both concerned about losing control of Congress. However, their fears are divided, as are the fears of the economy. More than three-fourths of American adults worry about a Republican takeover. Those in the 65 and older demographics and those who are married are more worried about a Republican takeover.

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