The Importance of a Good Public Adjuster for Policyholders

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Undeniably, the time to discover the importance of a good Public Adjuster for Policyholders dealing with a property damage insurance claim is at the beginning of a claim.

When a policyholder files an insurance claim, part of the process involves your insurance company assigning an “independent” adjuster.  They represent the insurer’s interests, not yours.  However, a public adjuster is a state-licensed claims adjuster who only represents the interests of insured policyholders.

A public adjuster does not represent your insurance company.  Also, they have the legal authority to act on behalf of an insured policyholder to negotiate and settle property damage claims.

Multifamily, commercial, and homeowner policyholders dealing with fire, hail, wind, hurricane, tornado, lightning, water, vandalism, business interruption, or other storm-related insurance claims should consider engaging a good public insurance adjuster.   To begin with, Policyholders often need help to meet their required burden of proving damages to their insurer.  The claims handling process includes investigating, submitting evidence, 3rd party facts, preparing damage cost estimates, adjusting, negotiating, and demanding payment.  Ultimately, an experienced public adjuster can navigate the property damage insurance claims process and negotiate the settlement policyholders deserve.

Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC public adjusters pride themselves in offering the best pro-policyholder representation. Our efforts typically result in fair and prompt settlements much greater than an insurance company’s initial offer.   In addition to saving time, stress, and wrongful denials, our policyholder clients who trust us to handle their property damage insurance claims early in the process often avoid delays, underpayments, and unnecessary litigation.

Public adjusters typically charge a contingency fee (no recovery, no fee) based on the insurance claim settlement less the deductible.  Each state has insurance code statutes that memorialized fee caps.  Learn more about why it is important to have a public adjuster involved in your property damage insurance claim.

Listen to rare insider information for anyone who deals with property damage insurance claims from a licensed expert.

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