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You can write about your daily life, existential thoughts, or a controversial viewpoint. You can also write about a topic you’re passionate about and get feedback from readers and other bloggers. There’s no shortage of topics you can cover, and there’s a blog niche that will be a perfect fit for you! Here are some examples of popular blog topics. Listed below are some of my top picks.


100+ blog niche ideas

There are, at least, 100+ blog niches. Sports can be a lucrative blog niche. You can write about parachuting or base jumping if you love adrenaline. Travel blogs can be about urban hiking, hikes and challenges, and pilgrimage routes. The cinema also has millions of fans. You can write about movies, pilates exercises, and meal plans. Fitness is another great niche that can make you rich, If you’re an athlete, you can also write about sports, health, and nutrition. You can become a celebrity online by writing about your favorite sport or hobby.

Creating a list of actionable videos for blog posts

The first step to creating a list of actionable videos for your blog posts is to find the right content for your niche. This content can include video tutorials, interviews, or even just plain old talking heads. It can also include a link back to the video site. While it may seem like an arduous task, this step is extremely important if you want your blog posts to be successful.

Presenting a controversial viewpoint

Depending on your site’s focus It’s important to be able to present a controversial viewpoint on your blog. People have different opinions on all kinds of topics, including abortion and capital punishment, so you need to be aware of both sides before you start writing. The point of presenting your opinion is to educate readers, not to get into a debate that you may not win. It’s also helpful to be open to opposing views to foster respectful discussion.

Creating a list of actionable gifs for blog posts

To create an actionable GIF, you can use free tools like those found here

These include:

1) VideoScribe for browsers.

2) Toonator.

3) imgflip.

4) GIFMaker.

5) Make a GIF.


Creating a list of actionable mp3 files for blog posts

When creating a list of actionable MP3 files for blog posts, it is important to consider the format of the audio files you choose. Fortunately, the format is not as complicated as you might think, and it can be just as useful in marketing and promoting your blog posts. MP3 files are essentially lossless audio files that are typically smaller than a typical CD. In fact, you can even use MP3s to create podcasts!

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