Facts About Various Silicone Parts for Manufacturers

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Silicone is an elastomer which can be formed in various forms such as very low velocity, low velocity, very high velocity and high velocity. All kinds of formulated silicone products have different qualities that depends upon its implications. Fine silicone must be lubricant, transparent and must bear sterilization tolerance. Healthcare and medical devices manufactured with silicone rubber must meet the vigorous challenges of the industry. When medical devices come in contact of human body, it must be harmless and comfortable. Liquid silicone rubbers heated in injection molding equipment have thermal stability and high tear resistant.

Various silicone products are made by silicone manufacturers after understanding industry’s need and customer’s demand. Silicone elastomeric compounds can be optimized for extrusion and molding. Professional manufacturer has expert team of designing and engineering. They have fully integrated facilities and equipment. They knew everything about advanced manufacturing techniques such as transfer molding, compression molding, liquid injection molding, proprietary bonding etc. They have advanced sealing technology and extensive research team. An expert manufacturing company promises you direct communication and access to engineers, quality certification and fast prototypes.

Prototyping is a smart move under manufacturing process. When customer don’t have clear vision about what kind of silicone product they need, an expert designing team provides them some prototype which might match their expectations. This prototype can be discarded or proceed in final designing. In fact, silicone is a natural substance but with some chemical implications it caught great flexibility.  When you need high performance product you must cross the road of silicone. Manufacturing unit can collaborate with their customers following innovative trends. Silicone plants serve their customer end products which becomes primary choice of consumers.

Low velocity silicone fluids are odorless and colorless. Liquid silicone overmolding best suited with low velocity silicone. From consumer products to medical supplies LSR is very versatile elastomer. For creating molecular chains LSR must have reaction with polymerization. This chain provides silicone flexibility and strength. There are various types of LSR that depends upon the nature of industry. Medical grade LSR medical devices must pass compatibility test to be approved by consumers. Self- lubricating LSR is a mixed component to create a slippery surface. When carbon black grade is added to LSR it becomes conductive.

For making products of stainless steel, glass filled nylon and aluminum LSR is added with adhesion to provide better sealing between two components. Radio opaque silicone products are needed by medical equipment which should pass x-ray test. Barium sulfate is added with silicone for radio opaque silicone parts. For food grade and medical products which are highly oil and fuel resistant, you need FLSR to meet current mill standards. For mass production of silicone products various components are added according to the need of customer. High consistency silicone requires a lot of labor to transform it into desirable shape. 

For manufacturing silicone products by LSR firstly mixer gets poured into injection unit. Either by manually or robot operation cure product get removed from the mold and injection process repeats. With high consistency silicone to get a product estimated time is 6 minute. Secondary steps include post baking, improve compression setting and de -flashing of unwanted foreign materials. After thorough process product gets cleaned and ready for shipment. 

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