Are You Prepared for a Medical Record Breach?

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We are very accustomed to all of our information being available instantly. Digital orders delivered instantly, fast food and hot or iced coffee ready super fast. Food from any restaurant is delivered quickly to our front door.

And when we see our medical providers, dentists, chiropractors, most of these practitioners use electronic medical records.


Which is awesome.  They are keeping all of our information locked up for us and ready in an instant, when requested and needed.


Why It’s Important to Keep Track of Your Health


There are many reasons why you should keep track of your health though . From the obvious physical benefits of feeling healthier, to the self-fulfillment and improved psychological health that results from looking better, tracking your health can improve your quality of life.

One of the biggest benefits of health tracking is that it can help you identify trends and patterns in your health and well-being. For example, if you find that you are consistently getting less sleep than usual or eating unhealthy foods, then this is likely something that you need to change in order to feel better. By tracking your progress, you can see your health improving over time and motivate yourself to continue with the healthy habits that are working for you.

Another benefit of health tracking is that it can help you maintain a stable weight and body mass index (BMI). A healthy BMI is between 18 and 24.9, which can be achieved by making healthy choices about your diet, sleep, exercise and drinks. Using connected devices like food-tracking apps can help make this easier.

Tracking your health can also help you spot symptoms before they become more serious. For instance, if you notice that your blood pressure is regularly higher than normal or that you are experiencing chest pains or headaches, then these are all things that you should seek medical attention for as soon as possible. Tracking your health can also help you stay on top of your medication, and ensure that you are taking them as prescribed by your doctor.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, it’s even more important to keep track of your health. This will help you to monitor how your treatment is working, and make any necessary changes to improve your symptoms. Tracking can also help your doctor to assess how well you are managing your condition, and may help reduce the frequency of appointments you need with them.

Keeping a journal with the history of all of the symptoms you have noticed with the date and how it made you feel is very important in creating a synopsis for your doctor.  I began doing this a few years ago and before each annual visit with my neurologist, I re-read it, revise where it needs updating and give the doctor  a copy for keeping in my file.

There are three benefits of creating this journal:

  1. Now you have a working document to share with anyone who requests the information.
  2. If there is a software failure, breach or cyberattack on your medical files, now you have your history documented.
  3. We all know doctor visits are short and stressful.  How many times have you left your medical appointment and forgot something really important?

While it is a good idea to store your health records in an electronic format, it’s also a good idea to keep paper copies of any important documents. These can be useful if your digital records are lost, or in case of a natural disaster that affects your home or office. It’s also a good idea to keep these in an easily accessible place, such as on an USB drive or in your car, so that you have them with you in the event of an emergency.

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