Newly Released Kennedy Documents Point to What the CIA Was Hiding

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The National Archives and Records Administration has released millions of pages of documents related to the Kennedy assassination. While a majority of the files are now available to the public, a small number are still classified. This is causing some researchers to scramble to find new information.

According to the documents, Oswald was on the FBI’s radar screen before he was assassinated. He was also on the radar of CIA and Cuban officials. However, the agency denies that he was known to its intelligence agencies.

The release of these documents could shed more light on Oswald’s interactions with Cuban exiles. However, there are some redactions in the records, including names and locations. Some of the documents have no redactions.

There is one document that contains information that the CIA has been hiding for years. It is a memo about how the agency tried to hide its own business practices. In it, the CIA notes that every operation carries the risk of being attributed to the U.S. government.

Another document that is relevant to historians is the 201 “personality file” on Lee Harvey Oswald. This file was created after Oswald failed to defect to the Soviet Union in 1959. It was maintained before and after Kennedy’s murder.

The documents include a variety of investigative and detective work on Oswald’s movements and his contacts with the U.S., Cuba, and the Soviet Union. They also reveal the proliferation of conspiracy theories and misinformation that sprung up after Kennedy’s death.

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