Tips for Effective Condo Boards

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The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series. 

Tina Larsson, CEO, The Folson Group


Listen in to Tina Larsson, the powerhouse behind The Folson Group as she gives her top tips on how to be an effective coop, condo, or HOA board member. Whether you’re a seasoned board member or just starting, get ready for a session packed with practical tips to elevate your condo board game. Tina will unravel the secrets to running condo board like a well-oiled machine. Drawing from her experience at The Folson Group, where efficiency is the name of the game, she’ll explore strategies like leveraging productivity tools that mirror your everyday life and cover it all. Discover how to free up valuable time for volunteer board members while ensuring that you live up to your fiduciary responsibilities.

Tina Larsson, CEO, The Folson Group


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Twitter/X: FolsonGrp

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