Florida Governor DeSantis Steps Up Pressure on Disney World

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has escalated his feud with Disney World, pushing legislation that would give the state more control over the private company. The governor’s spokesman said that the plan to address the issue will be announced soon.

The controversy erupted last year when Disney World and state officials came into conflict over gender diversity in schools. Florida law requires that kindergarten through third grade teachers not instruct students on sexual orientation. Disney was incensed by the law and publicly stated its opposition.

In an effort to take down Disney’s political influence, Florida lawmakers passed legislation that would strip the company of its special status. This will be followed by the repeal of a 55-year-old law that allows the company to function as a quasi-government entity.

While some experts say the decision is reasonable, others warn that it could lead to a cascade of questions, leading to a political battle over culture. Whether or not the move will have an impact on Disney’s finances is unclear.

While the bill passed by the Florida legislature is a retaliation against Disney, the company has the option of bringing the issue back to court. It may even be possible for the state to reverse course on the artwork that sparked the debate.

The state is appealing a federal judge’s ruling in the case. Republicans and the USA/Naples Daily News criticized the judge’s qualifications.

Walt Disney World has a huge economic impact in Florida, generating billions of dollars in state tax revenue. As a result of the dispute, Disney has temporarily suspended its political contributions. They also announced plans to transfer 2,000 employees from California to Florida.

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