Musk is Granting Amnesty to Suspended Twitter Accounts

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Several accounts were suspended by Twitter when Musk acquired the social media platform for $44 billion last month. The account of former President Donald Trump, for example, was reinstated after a poll garnered more than three million votes.

However, many have doubted that Musk’s decision to reinstate suspended accounts will keep users safe. Online safety experts have warned that such an action could lead to a spike in harassment. The poll was also criticized by critics because it isn’t scientific. It could be manipulated by bots and bad actors.

In addition, many critics have expressed concerns that Twitter doesn’t have enough staff to police its platform. A recent European Union report found that Twitter took longer to review hateful content than it did in 2021. This is partially due to Musk’s actions, but it also has to do with the fact that Twitter does not have an in-house content moderation team.

According to Bloomberg, disinformation on Twitter has increased since Musk took over. Twitter also unbanned several accounts, including those belonging to far-right figures. One of those accounts was the conservative satirical website the Babylon Bee.

Another user was reinstated after violating Twitter’s private information policy. A group called Project Veritas was also reinstated after repeatedly violating Twitter’s private information policy. Several other accounts were reinstated for hateful rhetoric toward the LGBTQ community.

Other accounts were reinstated due to violations of Twitter’s COVID misinformation policies. Some accounts were banned for violent and extreme rhetoric.

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