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If you’re a New Yorker looking to live it up in the big city, you’re probably wondering which is the largest apartment in New York City. Despite their reputation, New York apartments can more than rival those found in the suburbs. Here are a few of the city’s largest apartments. Read on to discover more about which apartments have the most square footage. In addition, keep in mind that the size of these apartments may not necessarily mean that they have the best view.

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In the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, you’ll find some of the world’s most luxurious real estate. This includes the infamous 432 Park Avenue, which briefly held the title of the tallest residential building in the world. It’s situated nearly 275 feet in the air and offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Some penthouses have a fireplace. But what makes these incredibly luxurious apartments so attractive?

In addition to its sheer size, this Manhattan apartment also features 30 windows and a separate guest apartment with a private entrance. The owner of this apartment, who bought it 14 years ago, has claimed that the apartment is too big for two people. Some of its neighbors include Barbara Walters and a couple of Wall Street executives. Regardless of the size of the apartment, though, it is one of the largest apartments in New York City.

Most people in New York do not have the luxury of being in the largest apartment. Many are just trying to find a place to live. As a result of Manhattan’s enormous price tag, many New Yorkers have been opting for smaller apartments. Rents in the area have increased considerably and there is a corresponding increase in the number of people living in smaller apartments. But there is still some controversy surrounding the question of when a small apartment becomes too small. And there is no clear answer to whether tiny apartments are legal in New York City. While these are undoubtedly a common practice, the question of whether tiny apartments are legal is a complicated one.

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