Why Do the Simple Things Get Difficult?

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Too often, we get caught up in trying to live up to the expectations of others, or trying too hard to meet our own. While this may lead to a certain amount of happiness, it can also cause us to become overwhelmed and anxious. Embracing a life of simplicity creates clarity by removing unnecessary pressures and focusing on what’s most important to you.

When we are constantly living in a place of trying to meet expectations, we are typically in a constant state of judgment.  Living in judgment creates a lot of unnecessary stress. It can keep us from noticing what’s going on in life, and can cause a negative outlook. It can even damage the relationships around us.

Most of the time, our judgments are based on the beliefs and opinions that we’ve acquired over time. However, it’s important to know that these opinions are not necessarily true. Staying away from self judgment and comparison towards others are great places to begin.

Many people think they need a lot of material things to be happy, but in reality, it’s just the opposite. A life of simplicity without comparisons allows us to focus on what really makes us happy, such as spending time with loved ones, engaging in hobbies, or just relaxing on a beach. Taking the steps to simplify our lifestyle can be a challenge, but it’s well worth it.

When you live a simple life, it gives you the space and energy to be creative. This could be in the form of painting, writing, dancing, or even gardening. Creating is such a therapeutic experience, and it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress. This kind of creativity is especially beneficial in difficult times, when the stress of a hectic lifestyle can take its toll on our mental and physical health.

Living a life of simplicity means less clutter and even fewer electronics, which can give you the space to connect with your family and friends. When you can truly focus on connecting with those around you, your relationships will strengthen. In addition, if you aren’t constantly stressed out from having too much to do, your social battery (how long you can stay sociable before wanting alone time) will drain slower, which can make your interactions with people more enjoyable.

A simpler life also means a more secure financial foundation. When you have a clearer picture of your budget, it’s easier to cut back and save money. This will reduce your debt and allow you to invest in yourself more. Having a more secure financial situation can eliminate a large amount of stress and help you sleep better at night.

Finding other ways to keep your life simple can free up a significant amount of your time previously dedicated to doing other things you might not love. To flip it around into working on your fitness goals, or simply spending more quality time with your children for example.

Lastly, a simpler lifestyle can help you reconnect with nature and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Whether it’s going for a hike or spending time in the garden, this can be a great way to relax and unwind, as well as improve your physical and mental health.

Who wouldn’t love more peace and calm in their life? Trusting yourself in the answers you seek is a priority. Creating a clear path to Greatness is a lifelong goal, with many micro steps along the way.

Keep celebrating the small victories along the way and remember to stay in the zone of simplicity!

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