I’m Done Letting Fear Control Me

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The topic “Free to Be Me” is powerful because we have an inherent desire for personal freedom. The most challenging one seems to be the freedom to be ourselves; the freedom to choose our own way. When we feel stuck, it’s important to look for any patterns we’ve embedded into our life that are blocking us from being who we were meant to be. One time I had the courage to take a course called “The Courage to Be Yourself.” The funniest thing I wrote was, “What if I fail this class?” It took an exercise to complete five sentences that really opened me up. Take a moment to think of the biggest issue in your life right now and finish these sentences:

It’s not easy to face this, but I’m really scared that I won’t have …This bothers me because …For me to deal with this fear, I must accept the fact that…I will not allow this fear to control me because …One way I can deal with this fear now is to …And now I am free to choose whether I deal with this fear or not.


Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a retired corporate manager who has been teaching the philosophy of positive living for over thirty years. It’s about regaining inner peace and happiness by using the creative process of how our mind works. In her prison ministry, she not only helps prisoners adjust to life behind bars, but when they spend 23 hours a day for weeks or months in “the hole,” a 7’x9’ room. So, join her and learn about this philosophy of positive living and how it can enhance and enrich your life. Her website is engaginggrace.me.

Rev. Dr. Mary Mitchell is a regular contributor on the Priceof Business.com digital platforms. Enjoy her articles and commentaries!


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