Top Toys and Trends for 2021

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New year, new toys! Toymakers everywhere are preparing to launch brand-new products that will become the most sought-after toys of 2021. The Toy Insider, the toy industry’s most influential organization, revealed its list of the top trends and toys to watch in 2021.

“February is our ‘Christmas morning’ in the toy industry, because we finally get to see what toymakers have planned for the year ahead,” says Ali Mierzejewski, Editor-in-Chief of The Toy Insider. “We’re excited to share our list of the most exciting toys and trends to keep an eye on in 2021. While the pandemic has definitely had a strong impact on this year’s trends, the good news is that all of these toys will continue to keep kids engaged, learning and having fun no matter what is happening in the world.”

The Toy Insider‘s Top Toys & Trends to Watch in 2021:

To Infinity… and Beyond!STEM-focused toys have been big over the past few years, and with more space-related activity happening in real life, we’re seeing huge interest in toys that are getting kids excited about space exploration, NASA, and alien life!

It’s Easy Being GreenMany players in the toy industry are making efforts to move in an environmentally sustainable direction. Manufacturers are teaching kids about recycling, creating toys made from sustainable materials, and using sustainable packaging that is incorporated into the play pattern to minimize waste.

Home Is Where the Fun IsTake at-home fun to the next level with new toys that bring incredible experiences to your backyard, living room floor, or kitchen table.

Family Game NightParty games have been on the rise in the past few years, but game makers are now catering more to families’ needs by offering family-friendly games geared toward smaller groups. These titles are fun for both kids and adults, combining luck, strategy, humor, and even some toyetic elements into the gameplay.

In My FeelingsIt has been a tough year for everyone, and toys can be great tools to help kids process everything that’s going on. We’re seeing a lot of toys that are designed to promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL), help kids stay calm and relaxed, and teach them how to manage their feelings.

Going ViralBoth kids and parents are more digitally connected than ever before. This new way of life is reflected in toys based on viral trends, videos, and internet stars, along with new toys encouraging kids to become creators themselves or even enhance the videos and content they’re already making.

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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