Why It Is Critical to Follow-Through On Your DEI Pledges and How to Do It Effectively and With Integrity

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Recently Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor of the Price of Business Digital Network and host of segments on the Price of Business show had the following recent interview.
Recently Gordon visited with AmyJo Mattheis. On today’s show, they discussed why it is critical to follow through on your DEI pledges and how to do it effectively and with integrity.

As we are near the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and the protests that erupted across the United States, it is important to check in with how companies are doing on the public pronouncements and pledges that were made in response. Many pledged to increase their dedication and commitment to building and cultivating a more diverse workplace. Today, Pavo Navigation clients are asking, “Has anything really changed or improved?” The response we are hearing is, “Not really”, and it is said with frustration and exhaustion and increasing mistrust of what leadership says and does. This erodes trust up and down the management ladder, negatively impacting employees’ ability to work effectively as a team.

AmyJo Mattheis is the CEO of Pavo Navigation Coaching, a unique resource that helps companies eliminate toxicity from the workplace. Often described as a “sparkplug,” Mattheis brings years of rich and varied professional experiences to all of her endeavors. She is a scholar and professor, a seasoned organizational leader and executive, and a keen listener.

Mattheis has always been committed to being a catalyst for change, and to transforming systems of exclusivity and separation into an opportunity for all. She considers it her life purpose to equip individuals, organizations, and companies with tangible, easy, and actionable tools that take the office from a place that is toxic and siloed to one that is collaborative, innovative, and welcoming.

Pavo Navigation was conceived when, after a decade of coaching, Mattheis stepped into the for-profit, fast-paced world of tech startups. She realized that the clients of these quick-scaling companies were clamoring for the kinds of tools and guidance she had to offer. She saw there was magic in the idea of transmuting the negative workplace energies with tools that create environments of innovation, efficiency, clarity, and trust.

Mattheis holds a B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University and a M. Div from the Graduate Theological Union.

Learn more at www.pavonavigation.com


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